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Situated in the great Pacific Northwest, Mountlake Terrace homeowners are fortunate to live in such a gorgeous place. However, such a life is not without hardships and challenges. Topping the list of home problems is dry rot, a condition resulting from a wood fungus that decays and dilapidates the wood in your home. While it is a menacing annoyance for homeowners, dry rot is treatable by trained professionals. SFW Construction LLC has provided expert Mountlake Terrace dry rot repair service for over a decade.

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The Problem of Dry Rot

Dry rot is caused by a wood fungus that invades and decays moist or damp wood in your home. It can pervade your home’s structure, places such as the inner walls, posts, beams and joints, or flooring. Because it thrives in damp environments, it tends to proliferate in the bathroom and kitchen or other moist areas throughout your home. Beginning as tiny reddish spores, the fungus spreads throughout healthy wood and must be removed entirely to eradicate the problem.

The main complication with dry rot is that it compromises the structural integrity of the wood in your home. In advanced stages, dry rot results in dilapidation of wood structures and surfaces that necessitates repair. It causes wood to crack and crumble and fall apart easily with any kind of pressure. This, of course, makes your home unsafe. Wood that has been decayed by dry rot is simply in no shape to provide the function it was intended to provide.

Dry Rot Repair and Home Restoration

If your home is invaded by dry rot, the best course of action is to have a professional Mountlake Terrace dry rot repair service remove it and repair your home. SFW Construction LLC is extensively skilled and experienced in dry rot removal and home repair work. As a general contractor we provide a full range of carpentry, construction and structural home restoration work. Because dry rot dilapidates the wood in your home, in advances stages home repairs will likely be necessary after removing the dry rot fungus from your home.

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Common dry rot indications include:

  • Discolored or darkened wood, or wood with reddish spores.
  • Flooring that has soft spots that sink in when walked upon.
  • Strange looking growths resembling cotton, cobwebs or mushrooms on wood surfaces.
  • A dank, fungus-like or musty smell around wood or in enclosed wood spaces.

If you notice any of the above symptoms in your home, you may have dry rot. For a thorough phone consultation to learn more about dry rot, call SFW Construction LLC today. Our friendly customer service representatives will help you determine if you have dry rot and can schedule an affordable in-home inspection.

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