Construction Repairs for Siding, Roofing, and Dry Rot

Portland Repairs

Repairs are one of those things that many contractors are simply not interested in doing.  Why is that you ask?  Good question!  The reason is that there is a lot more money in new construction and complete replacement than there is in repairs.  Sometimes replacement is necessary but not always!  At SFW Construction LLC we believe in repairs.  Contrary to popular belief among contractors, we believe some things in your home can and should be fixed! Whether you need siding repairs, roofing repairs, dry rot repairs, repairs for your home’s interior or your home’s exterior, SFW Construction has the expertise to get the job done right.  We specialize in all aspects of repair including inspection, tear off, replacement, integration, repair, and even painting and clean up!  We make sure you understand the project by completing a thorough walk through with you before doing any of the work.

Take this recent siding repair job for instance.

Noticing some cracks forming under their windows, these home owners gave us a call.  We inspected, dug deeper, and found that there was damaged wood under the windows.  We stripped it down, replaced the damaged wood, flashed and caulked the windows properly (so this wouldn’t happen again), then re-sided the exposed areas with matching siding.  You’ll notice in the last picture that we were able to save a lot of the siding above the windows.  Since there was no damage there, we saved these home owners money by repairing and keeping what we could.

Repairs here in Portland Oregon don’t have to be a nightmare and they don’t have to cost you your retirement budget!  SFW Construction can manage your repair projects from start to completion with our wide range of expertise.