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Mukilteo Dry Rot Repair

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SFW Construction Specializes In Dry Rot Repair

SFW Construction is the go-to company for top-quality Mukilteo dry rot repair.

Bordering the Puget Sound, Mukilteo is an idyllic location for homeowners. However, in the midst of this Pacific Northwest paradise, there lurks a threatening intruder that can damage your home. Dry rot is a pernicious source of aggravation for homeowners because it decays the wood structures in your Mukilteo home, which can lead to an unsafe situation and the need for home repairs. Fortunately, SFW Construction has provided expert Mukilteo dry rot repair and removal services for over a decade.

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How Dry Rot Pervades Your Home

Dry rot comes from a wood fungus that inhabits and feeds on sources of moist or damp wood. Because the fungus is prevalent in the Northwest, it can fairly easily settle in any sources of moist wood in your home, including those exposed to the elements. Once the wood fungus that causes dry rot has taken hold, it creates thousands of spores that regenerate in order to spread throughout and devour healthy wood. In advanced stages, the fungus creates a condition of decay that we call ‘dry rot’—a state in which the wood cracks, crumbles and falls apart easily when underweight or pressure.

Indications Of Dry Rot

Common indications of dry rot can include any striking or peculiar changes in the appearance, odor, or functionality of the wood structures and surfaces in your home.

Mukilteo Dry Rot
Mukilteo Dry Rot

Professional Dry Rot Removal Service

If your home has any of the above symptoms (or others) it may well have dry rot. SFW Construction is a professional Mukilteo dry rot repair company that can inspect your home for wood rot, develop a treatment plan for removing it, and (if needed) repair the wood structures in your home. As a general contractor, we are highly experienced in all forms of home construction and carpentry work, so we can make any needed repairs to restore your home to health.

Wood rot in advanced stages can thoroughly dilapidate various areas of your Mukilteo home, including the siding, inner walls, roof under gutters, framework around doors and windows, and inside cupboards, attics, and crawl spaces. SFW Construction provides quality carpentry and construction work—including siding repair, roofing, and structural carpentry—to restore your home to mint condition.

Dealing with dry rot can be a headache for most homeowners. Why not call a professional today for a bit of relief? SFW Construction has trained service representatives waiting to provide free dry rot consultations by phone. Call today!

Prevalent Symptoms of Dry Rot Include:

  • Wood that is crumbling or falling apart easily.
  • Wood that appears to have cobwebs, cotton or mushrooms growing on it.
  • Wood that has widening cracks, appears to be shrinking or no longer does its job.
  • Flooring that is warped in places that sink in when walked upon
  • An odor in wooded areas of your home that is musty, fungus-like or smells like mildew.

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