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Mukilteo Dry Rot Repair

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SFW Construction Specializes In Mukilteo Dry Rot Repair Throughout Snohomish, Washington

SFW Construction is the go-to company for top-quality Mukilteo dry rot repair. Bordering the Puget Sound, Mukilteo is an idyllic location for homeowners. However, in the midst of this Pacific Northwest paradise, there lurks a threatening intruder that can damage your home. Dry rot is a pernicious source of aggravation for homeowners because it decays the wood structures in your Mukilteo home, which can lead to an unsafe situation and the need for home repairs. Fortunately, SFW Construction has provided expert Mukilteo dry rot repair and removal services for over a decade.

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The SFW Construction team is experienced and knowledgeable. We specialize in resolving all your dry rot issues and eliminating your problem from the source. With our targeted repair process we can restore your home’s structural integrity to its pristine condition and provide you with a long-lasting solution. SFW Construction understands the skill, care, and work needed to inspect, locate, and effectively remove and remediate moisture along with making the necessary repairs caused by dry rot. If you do not want the structural support of your property at risk, give our professionals a call we would be glad to help.

Professional Dry Rot Repair Experts

Being a homeowner can be challenging, especially when unexpected problems arise, causing you to search for a contractor. If you have not hired a contractor recently, the search can feel time consuming and unnecessary. However, before you hire just any contractor, we recommend doing some research to understand your problem, what the solution entails, and how to pick the right contractor. Picking the right contractor will be well worth all the effort you choose to put into the search as it could save you from having to re-do the project in the future.

“Restoring my Victorian required me to find the perfect company and let me tell you I did. I was most impressed with the pride and dedication they took in their work. The quality was exceptional, and they went above and beyond to get the look I wanted. Going with SFW Construction is the best decision I ever made.” ∼ Ty N.• Yelp – (11/2019)
“The crew showed up on time, explained their approach, and got right to work. As a team SFW worked quickly and efficiently, removing bad siding, repairing areas that had rot, and replacing it with new siding. They constantly maintained their work area. The siding looked amazing, was done expertly, and we are delighted.” ∼ Kevin R.• Angie’s List – (06/2020)
“SFW has done a few dry rot repairs for my home. They are professional and responsive to my questions/concerns. Scheduling projects was quick; each supervisor was knowledgeable on the requirements for repair and communicative on the scope of work. I am confident the repairs were done well, a major stress relief.” ∼ Joe H.• Google – (03/2020)
“Excellent experience! SFW was professional and thorough in their explanation of water damage, what they found, and the process to repair it. No half-way measures or just cosmetics, the work was done correctly! Very pleased with the clean-up and result. Will hire them for future projects. Thank you, SFW Construction!” ∼ Kate M.• Home Advisor – (05/2020)
“SFW was exceptional at repairing dry rot, which included tear-out, rebuilding, insulating, and painting. Their carpentry is precise, they clean up after themselves, and were pleasant to deal with. The finished work was much nicer than the rest of the existing house. Thanks, guys! I will use SFW again, you do amazing work.” ∼ Rhonda H. • Facebook – (07/2020)
“I am pleased with the professionalism and quality of work performed. It feels higher quality than before SFW got here. The time to complete the work was close to what my project supervisor predicted each step of the way. The supervisor did a standup job, he took pride in his workmanship and general customer service on-site.” ∼ Steven F.• Guild Quality – (07/2020)

Common Signs Of Dry Rot

Dry rot, also known as wood rot, is a serious problem that can threaten the structural integrity of your home by eating away and deteriorating the wood. While discovering dry rot you may also notice the discoloration of wood surfaces, a dank mildew smell, or areas in your floor that “give” when you walk upon it are all common indications of dry rot in your home.

Dry rot occurs in areas that are subject to excessive moisture including, but not limited to:

  • Areas of your kitchen and bathroom
  • Deck floorboards, ledger, and posts
  • Floor covering, subfloor, and joists
  • Framing around windows and doors
  • Inside posts, beams, joists, and sills
  • Roof shingles, gutters, soffit, and fascia
  • Walls, baseboards, stiles, and rails

How Dry Rot Pervades Your Home

Dry rot comes from a wood fungus that inhabits and feeds on sources of moist or damp wood. Because the fungus is prevalent in the Northwest, it can fairly easily settle in any sources of moist wood in your home, including those exposed to the elements. Once the wood fungus that causes dry rot has taken hold, it creates thousands of spores that regenerate in order to spread throughout and devour healthy wood. In advanced stages, the fungus creates a condition of decay that we call ‘dry rot’—a state in which the wood cracks, crumbles and falls apart easily when underweight or pressure.

Professional Dry Rot Removal Service

If your home has any of the above symptoms (or others) it may well have dry rot. SFW Construction is a professional Mukilteo dry rot repair company that can inspect your home for wood rot, develop a treatment plan for removing it, and (if needed) repair the wood structures in your home. As a general contractor, we are highly experienced in all forms of home construction and carpentry work, so we can make any needed repairs to restore your home to health.

Wood rot in advanced stages can thoroughly dilapidate various areas of your Mukilteo home, including the siding, inner walls, roof under gutters, framework around doors and windows, and inside cupboards, attics, and crawl spaces. SFW Construction provides quality carpentry and construction work—including siding repair, roofing, and structural carpentry—to restore your home to mint condition.

Dealing with dry rot can be a headache for most homeowners. Why not call a professional today for a bit of relief? SFW Construction has trained service representatives waiting to provide free dry rot consultations by phone. Call today!

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