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What You Must Know Before Hiring A Contractor

The number one priority for professional contractors is safety. As a leading professional contractor providing a full spectrum of home construction work—from siding replacement to roofing to home refurbishment—SFW Construction follows comprehensive guidelines, including adherence to OSHA standards. Jobsite safety is essential because it protects workers, homeowners, and your property. 

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Safety Concerns Are Priority Number One

Contractor safety is profoundly vital for professional contractors because construction work entails significant risks that workers must be educated and trained to navigate and resolve. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 100,000 deaths and over 400,000 injuries in the construction industry every year. The bottom line is that we must effectively address the contractor’s concerns to perform construction work in ways that reduce risk and promote safety.

Know The Practices Before Hiring a Contractor

Before you hire a professional contractor, you should know how they plan for and provide safety on the job site. Most contractors are aware of safety concerns, but it’s good to learn about the specific guidelines they implement. Some professional and general contractors will describe their practices on their website, but you can also ask them directly. 

You can also search the OSHA inspection history of any professional contractor by visiting the OSHA Establishment Search page. It’s as easy as entering the company name and state of operation to access any open or closed cases as well as violations of safety regulations. Having an OSHA violation isn’t good. But, it’s not the end of the world. However, you will want to know how the contractor addresses safety. Is it in an effective and ongoing manner? Make sure before you hire them.

SFW Construction has a long history of stellar professional performance with high ratings. You can visit our website to read our thorough description of our commitment to safety. In addition, you will learn how we implement a safety culture on the worksite. Another option is to call us today for a free consultation on how we can assist you safely and productively!

OSHA Safety Standards

OSHA provides industry safety standards to address specific on-site hazards with which most professional contractors must comply. Standards address fall protection, working in a confined space, and the use of personal protective equipment. These standards are precautions and safety measures professional contractors must take to ensure the highest levels of contractor safety—for their workers, homeowners, and your property.

Professional contractors often work on multiple-storied homes and buildings. During this period, OSHA standards also regard proper use of stairways and ladders and adequate lighting for interior spaces. Precautions such as fire extinguishers and eyewash stations are another essential component of OSHA safety standards that SFW Construction implements. 

Following OSHA standards closely is one way SFW Construction ensures that our workers adhere to rigorous safety measures and practices. This benefit is that safe worksites tend to be more efficient, productive, and less costly. However, we have our professional strategies for implementing a thorough safety culture throughout our company.

Promoting a Good Culture

In a safety culture, everyone is responsible for safety. SFW Construction provides management experience and leadership to create and continuously improve workplace safety on all our job sites. We engage our workers by setting high expectations for proper safety practices, monitoring their performance, and providing regular feedback to instill improvements.

Safety Education and Training

We require proactive worker participation in safety education and training throughout the sessions. All SFW Construction employees understand their role in promoting safety and effectively carrying out all safety procedures. At SFW we encourage our workers to identify any flaws in our current workplace policy and practices, and we make changes accordingly.

Dealing with Potential Hazards

Our primary focus of teaching and implementing safety procedures is to equip our workers with the knowledge they need to deal with potential hazards effectively. At SFW Construction, all potential hazards are identified, assessed for risk, and then responded to with the appropriate practice. In this way, we mitigate risk and control potential hazards, thereby preventing accidents and injuries. 

Safety Practice Evaluation

To ensure the highest levels of safety and the best quality workmanship, we practice regular evaluations of our contractor practices, safety education, and training process. This practice enables us to remain proactive and engaged in the real-time concerns of our workers and within the general contracting industry. We are always seeking to improve our preparation and performance.

Communication of Safety Concerns

In promoting contractor safety and maintaining a good work culture, communication is critical. Our policy is that every team member is responsible for safety—not just managers. So, we require every team member to report concerns and potential hazards as soon as they detect them. Coordinating awareness of dangers and implementing procedures to resolve them is the top priority for the entire workforce team. 

A Culture of Safety Leads to Optimal Construction Results

At SFW Construction, our focus on safety throughout the entire organization is the foundation of our success. Commitment to safety results in a smooth construction process and quality work that surpasses homeowner expectations.

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