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West Linn Dry Rot Repair

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SFW Construction Specializes In West Linn Dry Rot Repair Throughout Clackamas County, Oregon

SFW Construction has provided homeowners in West Linn dry rot repair services for over a decade, making us the number one choice for your next repair. Dry rot, also known as wood rot, is a serious problem that can threaten the structural integrity of your West Linn home by eating away and deteriorating the wood in your home, including floors, windows, and the roof. SFW Construction’s repair teams are the local go-to West Linn dry rot experts. Call or email for more information on our repair services today!

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Dry Rot Explained

Dry rot is a deterioration of healthy wood caused by an aggressive wood fungus that thrives in moisture. The term ‘dry rot,’ also known as ‘wood rot,’ refers to the decayed remains of previously healthy wood after the wood fungus has invaded it and eaten away all its strength and vigor. Having dry rot in the structure of your home is like having decay in your tooth – in order to restore your West Linn home to a healthy state, all the wood rot must be removed along with the wood fungus that results in this condition. To do this effectively requires hiring a professional.

West Linn Dry Rot
West Linn Dry Rot

Dry Rot Removal And Home Restoration

SFW Construction has provided the premiere dry rot removal service in West Linn, Oregon since 2005. Our crew of trained professionals is extensively experienced in addressing dry rot problems and removing all the fungus that causes dry rot from the wood structure of your West Linn home. Removing the dry rot from your West Linn home is critical because the wood fungus that causes it will spread throughout the wood structure until it is eradicated. If you know or suspect you have dry rot, it’s a great idea to consult a professional and take care of the problem before it gets worse and more expensive to address.

We are so effective at what we do at SFW Construction because we are a general contractor that can repair any problem with your home. Removing wood that is infected with dry rot may involve new construction work, siding repair, even fixing windows or door frames. As a full-scale construction company, this is the work we do day in and day out. Our ability to address all your home repair issues results in you saving both money and time.

The Following Are Common Symptoms Of Dry Rot:

  • A mildew-like or musty odor around wooden areas.
  • Floors or wood surfaces that are darker than usual or discolored.
  • Flooring with areas that become concave, “give” or squeak when walked upon.
  • Wood surfaces or structures are shrinking or cracking.
  • Wood surfaces or structures are softer than normal or seem to be loose.
  • Cobweb, cotton, or mushroom-like growths appear on wood surfaces.

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