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Comparing 6 Fiber Cement Siding Manufactures

What is fiber cement siding? Why is it popular? What brands do you recommend? These are all common questions homeowners ask when deciding what type of siding is best for their home. First, let’s talk about what fiber cement is—made by combining wood fiber with Portland cement, sand, and other components. Fiber cement is designed to look like wood but has outstanding durability and lasts longer than most siding materials. Since its use, fiber cement has revolutionized residential siding as it offers all the benefits of good siding, including being aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, and fire-resistant.

The Most Popular Fiber Cement Siding Brands

Fiber cement siding is used on homes all over the country today. This highly durable product has many different brands to choose from. One of the more popular brands due to its dominance in the industry is James Hardie. However, with the number of brands to choose from, you probably wonder which one is the best for you. Some other companies manufacturing similar products include Allura, Cemplank, GAF, and Nichiha.

All fiber cement siding products listed share the same base recipe aside from proprietary ingredients. If you’ve been considering purchasing a type of fiber cement siding for your residential exterior, here is some information you should know.

1) Allura

Allura, another famous fiber cement manufacturing brand, has a line of products, including lap siding, shingles, and vertical siding. One of the advantages of Allura is the wide variety of products you have to choose from, including trim and soffits in more than 30 matching pre-painted colors and stains.

2) American Fiber Cement Corporation (AFCC)

American Fiber Cement Corporation is known for using fiber-cement siding that stubbornly resists fading. However, the siding AFCC uses is for buildings like football stadiums, dormitories, universities, and libraries. 

3) GAF Siding

Weatherside fiber cement shingles work well for siding smaller structures like a room bump out, sheds, or detached workshops. If you are looking for fiber cement shingles GAF Weatherside, along with their sub-brands, can provide you with the material you need.

4) James Hardie

Founded in 1888, James Hardie is the most-well known fiber cement siding brand. However, they did not start with fiber cement. It took almost 100 years, and it was not till the 1980s when they invented fiber cement technology. The company has been designing and manufacturing products with important structural properties, including durability, strength, and versatility. Additionally, James Hardie products are known for their list of benefits, including longevity, appearance, storm and weather resistance, and fire resistance. 

5) Nichiha

A Japanese company founded in the mid-1950s provides many commercial properties with their durable siding. Although it is a company you may not have heard of before, your nearest restaurant, bank, theater, or grocery store could have Nichaha fiber-cement siding

They also provide residential siding, which includes traditional shakes and shingles. Their main attraction for homeowners is the large format fiber-cement boards and panels. You can purchase this unique product through your architect or contractor.

6) Woodtone

Woodtone (RusticSeries), known for easy maintenance, provides embossed wood grains and various colors for lap siding, shakes, extensive panels, and matching trim products. Additionally, Woodtone is the only fiber-cement siding company that sells natural wood, with its AbsoluteCedar family of posts, house panels, and trim.

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