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Wilsonville Dry Rot Repair

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SFW Construction Specializes In Wilsonville Dry Rot Repair Throughout Clackamas County, Oregon

SFW Construction is the number one choice Wilsonville dry rot repair service. Dry rot is a persistent problem in Wilsonville, Oregon – where the rainy, wet Pacific Northwest weather creates a climate that is perfect for the wood fungus that promotes dry rot. Dealing with dry rot is a headache for homeowners because it decays wood and is difficult to repair, let alone eradicate one’s home of the dry rot wood fungus. SFW Construction provides cost-effective professional Wilsonville dry rot repair and structural restoration services that relive homeowners of this difficult burden.

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Wood Rot

Dry rot also called ‘wood rot,’ is a condition of decay and deterioration in healthy wood caused by an aggressive and destructive wood fungus. The wood fungus that results in dry rot feeds on wood that is wet or moist and turns healthy and strong wood into a cracking and crumbling state that is no longer functional for use in your Wilsonville home. The fungus can make wood in your home look as if mushrooms or cobwebs are growing on it. It is a sinister-looking deterioration of the originally healthy wood in your home into a messy, smelly, and unsavory condition.

Removing dry rot from your home and restoring the wood structures it has invaded to a healthy condition is a vital process to ‘heal’ your home – otherwise, the dry rot fungus keeps feeding and spreading throughout the wood. It is also critical to hire a professional to extract the dry rot from your home because you need to get all of it, right down to the microscopic pores, to kill it off.

Professional Dry Rot Repair

SFW Construction is a premiere Wilsonville dry rot removal and structural restoration service. As a general contractor, we can address any structural problems associated with dry rot, such as replacing dilapidated siding, repairing your roof, or any other construction work to rebuild the portions of your home affected by dry rot.

The longer you wait the worse the dry rot will become as the wood fungus feeds tirelessly. Call SFW Construction for a free phone consultation about dry rot in your home. If it sounds like your home might have this problem, we’ll schedule an affordable in-home inspection to assess the condition and let you know your options for dry rot treatment.

Wilsonville Dry Rot
Wilsonville Dry Rot

Dry Rot Signs & Symptoms

Because dry rot occurs in wood that is moist or wet, you are most likely to find it in places like the kitchen and the bathroom. However, wood rot can also occur in crawl spaces and attics as well as exterior areas of your Wilsonville home, such as the wood around gutters, windows, and doors and under shingles.

Here are a few common indications of dry rot:

  • Floor “gives” or squeaks when walked upon
  • Wood surfaces are discolored or look like cobwebs, cotton or mushrooms
  • Wood surfaces are shrinking and cracked or soft and loose
  • A damp and musty odor

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