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Woodinville Dry Rot Repair

We Provide Repairs For Damaged, Rotted Or Missing Wood

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SFW Construction Specializes In Woodinville Dry Rot Repair Throughout King County, Washington

SFW Construction is the go-to company for top-quality Woodinville dry rot repair. Dry rot is a prevalent problem in the Pacific Northwest, where cloudy skies and a wet climate create the perfect breeding ground for the wood fungus that causes this state of dilapidation and decay in healthy wood. While you might be upset by dry rot in your Woodinville home, you’re not alone. SFW Construction is a professional Woodinville dry rot repair and removal company that can eradicate all the wood rot from your Woodinville home and repair any compromised wood structure or surfaces. Call today for a free consultation!

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The Problem Of Dry Rot In Your Home

The paradox of dry rot is that it is caused by a wood fungus that thrives in moist and damp wood. The final stage of dry rot is indeed a state in which previously healthy wood has had its rigor and strength removed. At this point, wood with dry rot has become dried out and tends to crack, crumble, and break apart – thus it becomes ineffective to provide a stable structure for your home.

The wood fungus that produces dry rot is intrusive and spreads rampantly throughout all sources of moist wood. If it is not treated by a professional Woodinville dry rot repair specialist, the problem will continue – which only does more damage to your home. That’s why having your home inspected for dry rot and having the dry rot removed entirely is so important. As dry rot progresses to advanced stages the damage it does increases, along with the cost to repair it.

Dry Rot Removal & Home Repair

SFW Construction is an experienced dry rot removal specialist. After an initial phone consultation, we begin with an in-home inspection to determine whether your home has dry rot and, if so, the extent of the problem. Then we develop a sensible and cost-effective plan to address the dry rot and restore your home to a good and safe condition.

As a full-scale general contractor and construction company with years of dry rot removal experience, we are fully equipped to address all problems associated with dry rot, such as dilapidated siding, compromised wood structures, and a damaged roof. As a construction company, we specialize in siding repair and home restoration. The boon for you is that having one company address all your home repair needs saves you time, money, and hassle.

Woodinville Dry Rot
Woodinville Dry Rot

Indications Of Dry Rot

Any significant changes in the appearance, odor, or functionality of wood structures and surfaces in your Woodinville home are good indications of wood rot.

The following is a list of common signs:

  • Wood is darker, softer or looser than usual.
  • Wood has white cobweb patterns the consistency of cotton.
  • Wood has mushroom growths on it.
  • Wood has a dank, musty smell.
  • Flooring that sinks in spots when walked upon.

While all these symptoms are good indications that your home might have dry rot, the only way to tell for sure is to have a professional Woodinville dry rot inspection. Call SFW Construction today for a free phone consultation and, if appropriate, arrange an in-home inspection. Dry rot isn’t the end of the world, but it is a nagging problem that we can help you get rid of!

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