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Federal Way Dry Rot Repair

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SFW Construction Federal Way Specializes In Dry Rot Repair Throughout King County, Washington

SFW Construction is the go-to company for top-quality Federal Way dry rot repair. Is there a musty or fungus-like smell in your home? Do the wood surfaces appear discolored or have strange growths on them? Does the floor have areas that bend in when walked upon or are wooden structures becoming loose or shrinking? If your Federal Way home has any of these symptoms, it may have been invaded by wood rot and the fungus that promotes it. Dry rot represents a state of decay in which the health of the wood structures in your home becomes seriously compromised. If you think your home may have dry rot, call SFW Construction—Federal Way’s premier dry rot repair service—today for a free phone consultation!

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The Tricky Problem Of Dry Rot

Dry rot is, ironically, caused by a wood fungus that feeds on moist or damp wood. It inhabits the wood in your home through the proliferation of tiny reddish spores that spread out across healthy wood. As the fungus advances, it devours the properties of healthy wood that make it strong and durable. In later stages, dry rot represents a state of total decay in which previously healthy wood is dilapidated—as such, it cracks and crumbles easily and falls apart when pressure is applied to it.

Dry rot often occurs in out-of-view places, like inner walls and floorboards, crawl spaces and attics. So if you think your home may have dry rot it’s a good idea to schedule a professional in-home dry rot inspection. As trained Federal Way dry rot repair experts, SFW Construction can thoroughly examine and diagnose your home for dry rot, and is well-equipped to effectively address and remediate any dry rot problems.

Indications Your Home May Have Dry Rot

The wood fungus that causes dry rot has a unique odor that, in essence, smells vaguely like rotting soil or mushrooms. In addition to unusual odors, dry rot results in discolored and warped wood that may also appear to have cotton, cobwebs or fungus-like growths on it. Lastly, wood that is functioning differently may indicate dry rot.

Federal Way Dry Rot
Federal Way Dry Rot

Most Common Signs Of Dry Rot Include:

  • Wood that is discolored, cracking or appears to be shrinking.
  • An appearance like cobwebs, cotton, or mushrooms on wood.
  • An earthy, rotting or unusual musty odor around wood or in enclosed wooden spaces.
  • Flooring with concave areas that sink in when walked upon.
  • Any wood surface or structure that is no longer functioning properly.

Professional Dry Rot Removal

SFW Construction provides expert Federal Way dry rot removal and structural repair services that eradicate all wood rot and restore your home to a safe and healthy condition. As a general contractor, we are extensively experienced with all relevant home repairs that may be necessary to address any damage the wood rot has inflicted upon the structure of your Federal Way home. Whether it’s siding repair, roofing or general structural restoration work, we do it all.

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