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Lake Stevens Dry Rot Repair

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SFW Construction Specializes In Lake Stevens Dry Rot Repair And Replacement Throughout King County, Washington

SFW Construction provides dry rot repair at an affordable cost and with high-quality expertise that guarantees your home receives the care it needs. Dry rot in Lake Stevens, Washington is a persistent problem due to the wet climate that presides in the Pacific Northwest. The wood rot feeds on wet or damp sources of wood throughout your Lake Stevens home and can be difficult to eradicate due to the microscopic spores from which it comes. Fortunately, SFW Construction is a professional Lake Stevens dry rot removal and repair company with years of successful dry rot removal experience.

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How Dry Rot Invades & Corrodes Your Home

Dry rot is a condition of decay that advances through various sequential stages. It begins as a mass of reddish spores that spreads across healthy wood but soon begins to devour the wood, sometimes resulting in strange-looking growths such as cotton, cobwebs, or mushrooms. If left untreated, the wood fungus that causes dry rot completely invades the wood and devours the properties that make it firm and strong. Ultimately, wood rot represents a state of total dilapidation in which the previously healthy wood in your Lake Stevens home crumbles and falls apart easily under pressure.

Critical Nature Of Addressing Dry Rot

If you think you may have dry rot, it is important to have a professional Lake Stevens dry rot repair specialist examine your home. SFW Construction provides free phone consultations and affordable in-home dry rot inspections. If dry rot evidence is found, we will create a collaborative dry rot removal and repair plan that corresponds well with your budget and schedule.

Addressing dry rot is critical because the longer you wait, the more damage dry rot inflicts upon your home and the greater the expense of dry rot removal and structural repairs. Also, dry rot in advanced stages can weaken the wood structures and surfaces of your home, making it increasingly unhealthy and unsafe to live in.

Lake Stevens Dry Rot
Lake Stevens Dry Rot

Dry Rot Symptoms In Lake Stevens

There are a few common symptoms of dry rot. Any significant changes in the appearance, smell, or functionality of wood structures or surfaces in your Lake Stevens home may indicate that you have a wood rot problem.

Common Signs Of Dry Rot Include:

  • A musty or earthy, damp fungus-like smell around wood or in enclosed wood spaces.
  • Wood that appears to have cotton, mushrooms, or cobwebs growing on it.
  • Areas of flooring that are weak and sink in when walked upon.
  • Wood structures that appear to be loose, shrinking or not functioning properly.

If your home has any of the above dry rot symptoms, or if you simply want to consult with a professional dry rot repair service, call SFW Construction today for a free consultation. Our top priority is restoring your home to a state of health and safety for you and your family!

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