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The Pacific Northwest presents an intriguing environment filled with copious green plants and rainy weather. For all its beauty, the wet climate can also be challenging to Newcastle homeowners. Dry rot is a common household problem that is prevalent in damp environments; however, it can be treated effectively by trained professionals. SFW Construction LLC has provided Newcastle dry rot removal and repair services for 10 years strong. Contact us today for a free consultation!

The Dangers of Dry Rot

Ironically, dry rot is caused by a wood fungus that thrives on the moisture in wood. Once the wood fungus has invaded and ‘fed’ on the healthy wood, it then becomes dried out. The state of dry rot is one in which previously strong, healthy and firm wood becomes devoid of coherence and begins to crack, crumble and break away when bearing weight or pressure. Wood surfaces or structures in your home that are in such a dilapidated state of disrepair are no longer functional and must be repaired.

When left untreated, the wood fungus leading to dry rot continues to spread throughout the wood in your home. Like a contagious disease, the wood fungus will infect and decay the wood in your home until removed properly and entirely – right down to the microscopic spores from which it is born. If your home has dry rot it is essential to have a professional dry rot removal specialist repair your home and restore the wood structures and surfaces to a good and safe working condition.

Addressing Dry Rot Now Saves Time & Money

Dry rot is a progressive condition, moving through initial to more advanced stages. Catching and remediating the problem early means less damage to your home and a lower expense to resolve the problem. In early stages, the wood fungus that causes dry rot appears as thousands of tiny spores that collectively look like a reddish rusty dust on wood. After this, the spores begin to grow and produce a cobweb or cotton-like growth on healthy wood. It is best to catch dry rot by this phase, because in advanced stages dry rot consumes healthy wood and begins to regenerate itself to spread into new wood sources.

Common Signs of Dry Rot In Your Newcastle Home

  • Reddish, rusty-colored spores or yellowish growth appears on wood surfaces.
  • Wood is discolored, cracked or feels soft and spongy.
  • Floors are concave and have areas that “give” when walked on.
  • A musty, fungal odor presides in or around wood.
  • Wood surfaces have cobweb or cotton-like white growths or mushroom growths.

If you suspect your home has been invaded by dry rot, your best option is to call a professional. SFW Construction LLC provides cost-effective in-home inspections for dry rot wherein we conduct a thorough examination for this problem. If we find dry rot, we schedule a removal and repair plan that works for you. The ultimate goal is the complete eradication of dry rot, and the wood fungus that promotes this condition, from your home – as well as restoration of your home to healthy condition.

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